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Explore rich worlds
You and your team will explore a procedurally generated island. The island is teeming with handcrafted quests, enemies and POIs and other players. Each playthrough is a unique mix of gameplay made by OCP and by other players.
A new world every match!
Our evolving map makes each journey feel different and keeps gameplay consistently fresh. But the best part is, we've developed tech that lets anyone create amazing new gameplay that can instantly be played by anyone in Project Frontier.
Join the Project Frontier Discord
We are currently in closed pre-alpha testing. If you're interested in participating in our playtests, please sign up here and join the Project Frontier Discord.
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Fast, ruthless skirmishers, not above using underhanded tricks to win at all costs. With their flintlock pistols they excel in mid-range encounters, but can hold their own in close quarter combat.
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Versatile warriors, relying on magic, throwing weapons, and crafting to close distance and unleash their brute strength. Adaptable to any situation, they are formidable opponents.
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Deadly up close. Whatever you do, keep the ninjas at bay. Those foolish enough to drop their guard will find the ninja behind them, katana at the ready.
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The frontier brims with powerful heroes.
Choose the right hero to prove that you have what it takes. Strength and skill alone are not enough. Victory hinges on teamwork. Even the strongest or fastest hero cannot match a coordinated team. With your allies, tackle adventures and overcome challenges, growing in strength and unlocking distinctive weapons and powers. Find other groups of adventurers to befriend or destroy, but beware, your friends may be the first to slip a knife in your back.
Project Frontier is Your World!
You have the power to reshape the world of Project Frontier. We’ve built Project Frontier entirely in our game design sandbox CreatorLab. This means that you can use CreatorLab to create new quests, characters, weapons and other content to enhance Project Frontier. Or, you can use CreatorLab to remix Project Frontier into an entirely new game of your own. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create.
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Frequently asked questions
Everything you need to know about the game.
How can I play?
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We are currently in closed alpha testing. During this phase, we periodically conduct playtests with a select audience to test new game features. As development proceeds, playtests will be more frequent.

If you're interested in participating in our playtests, please sign up here and join the Project Frontier Discord

How do I get involved?
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Yes, you can join our Project Frontier Community on Discord. This is the best way to connect with the OCP team and other players.

How can I try out the creation tools?
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If you’re a creator and want to get early access to CreatorLab, sign up here.

When will the game be out and on what platforms?
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Project Frontier and CreatorLab will be in closed testing on PC for the duration of 2024. We are currently planning an open release in 2025.

Special thanks to our playtesters
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• Adam "Adesi" Désilets
• Baelfyre 
• blukube
• Brockton Roth
• Chris "Nguchi" Nguyen
• Colin "Elandrian" Fisher
• Darth Senpai
• David "Fross" Kennedy
• Decarius
• Dexter "Ducky_Apprentice" Deming
• DFMcGuck
• HolaSrDavid
• jchu231
• Keldric Usugi
• Little Lebowski
• Lordyloo
• Lucas (Strix_xqzme)
• Michelle Torres
• Mikeule
• Mr.Puffball_80
• Nightfox
• oakee
• orry van biene
• Payne Stoneback
• Pyro Manic
• Roth (@RothSothy)
• ShinjiAkuma
• SSSunshine_X
• subfraction
• Taylor Trotter
• TheDapperTaco
• tiltedpickles
• wish2779
• ZackAtk77
• Zypher Codex

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